Fort Collins Food Coop Cooperative Collaboration

Add Cooperative to your Resume

Although we are currently not hiring we are always excepting resumes from people sharing our passion for food and community. Stop by the Coop today to drop off a resume and inquire about upcoming positions. Download an application here

Bountiful Benefits

Working for the Coop is rewarding in many ways. Employees have the opportunity to connect with local farmers and producers, have a hand in choosing the items we carry, and influencing their community through a responsible business model.

Who is the Coop

The Coop employs a wide range of individuals with very impressive backgrounds and knowledge We share a common goal of providing top quality products for our customers. Stop into today to meet our friendly staff who will be happy to answer your questions, and even better, meet you too!

Coop People

Our staff strives to provide customers with the best in quality all while keeping your health and the environment in mind. We take the time to research products with just the right ingredients. We also work closely with local producers and take pride in our professional relationships with them. We are concerned about the larger issues facing future generations and put customer service in the forefront. You are invited to come visit us. When you do, make sure you ask any staff member what it is they especially love about the Food Coop. You will certainly see sparkles in our eyes while answering.

Download an Employee Application here

Current Staff:

Chris Coen, Produce

Chris Coen

Chris comes to Fort Collins Food Coop from Ann Arbor, MI, where she put in a few years at the People's Food Coop. She has been with our coop for 16 years and currently serves as produce buyer, and part of the management team. When she's not at the coop, she enjoys spending time with her husband Rick and her kitties Wag and Tumbleweed. She like hiking, cooking, and sewing. Her most favorite local coop product is Ela Family Farms peaches—hands down!

Brian a.k.a Kalidas, Refrigerated, Frozen, and Bread

Brian Rich

Kalidas is originally from New York and came out here after living in various other states of mind. He does a little of most things at the Coop, especially heading up the Perishables and Frozen foods departments. Outside the Coop he exist with aplomb and his favorite thing to do is to be clear and focused. From the shelves of the coop Kalidas enjoys apples and carrots.

Trinity Bigford, Deli and Catering

Trinity Bigford

Trinity is originally from green New Hampshire which is where she first gained her appreciation for fresh veggies and farming (organic by nature). Trinity now works at the Coop as the Deli and Catering Manager (YES! We do catering!). Outside of the Deli at the Coop she is obsessed with Rocky Mountain Orchards preserves! They are all natural, local and bursting with flavor. While not making deli-licious creations she enjoys riding her bike, cooking, baking and exploring all sunny Colorado has to offer! Her favorite thing in the ENTIRE world is when people over-react positively about what they are eating.

Stephanie Bublitz, Cheese/Health and Beauty

Stephanie Bublitz

Stephanie runs Cheese and Bodycare. A strange combination that makes for a fun day at work. In addition, she assists Chris in Produce to help keep the veggies happy. When not at the Coop she can be found gardening with the radio up, hiking in the foothills with her dog or cooking with friends. She is also passionate about living locally, sustainably and ethically. She has a goofy little greyhound mix named Bumble who is oh so good at getting himself into trouble. When not begging for a belly rub, he can be found raiding the raspberry bush.

Oakley Davis, Bulk and Herb Goddess aka: Oak, Young Oak, Strong as Oak, Oak Tree, June Bug

Oakley Davis

Oakley comes from the far off land of Oz. aka Manhattan, Kansas. In 2012 Oakley graduated from Kansas State University (Go Wildcats) with two degrees in Psychology, Family Studies, and minor in American Ethics. Oakley has been to over 300 concerts, most of them with the love of her life, Dustin Shaw (A close personal friend of the Co-op). Oakley enjoys spending her free time with her cat Bumble Bee, being amongst the outdoors and looking for a loveable Corgi puppy to smother with love. Oakley has a wonderful infectious laugh and long beautiful dreadlocks.

Theron Welch, Man of Many Hats aka: Pure Heart Davis

Theron Welch

Like Young Oakley, Theron comes from a far off land of Kansas. Theron is old friends with Oakley “June Bug” Davis, which explains why his nickname is Pure Heart Davis. Theron’s background mostly consists of blue hues, but he also enjoys autumn ambers and oranges. Theron has an A.A.S. electrical engineering and renewable energy degree, but his biggest accomplishment is overcoming his greatest fear...his co-worker, Trinity Bigford, and a man named Ken, from Copos. Theron enjoys music, food, beer, and playing disc golf with his best friend, Elliot Cooper. Theron has family and their mostly awesome. According to Theron if he was a vegetable he’d be garlic, because everyone loves garlic and if you don’t.. you should! Theron recently moved to Fort Collins to join his soul mate, Savannah.

Kiri Safter, Staff

Kiri Safter has lived in Fort Collins since 1973, been a coop member since 1974 and a staff member in 1975 and of course today. Kiri loves seeing old friends around the coop and making new ones too. She says her shifts at the coop register are brief, filled with love and joy educating, connecting, and serving this amazing enlightened community of FC. Outside of the coop she is a facilitator of peace circles, offers spiritual companioning as a soul friend, and helps people de-clutter their world of unwanted possessions.