Fort Collins Food Coop People


We are always excepting resumes from people sharing our passion for food and community. Stop by the Coop today to drop off a resume and inquire about upcoming positions. Download an application here


Working for the Coop is rewarding in many ways. Employees have the opportunity to connect with local farmers and producers, have a hand in choosing the items we carry, and influencing their community through a responsible business model.


The Coop employs a wide range of individuals, with a range in expertise, background and experience. We have teachers, parents, scientists, farmers, artists, and more. Stop into today to meet our friendly staff who will be happy to answer your questions!

Nic & Chad Harvesting Potatoes at Colona Farm
Our board is made up of eight or nine elected Coop members, each with their own skills and experiences. We have had in the past a sustainability specialist, a former mid-level corporate manager, a child nutrition specialist, a real estate agent, a student-mother, a small business operator, a graduate student in economics, and a former social worker. Please contact us for more information on our election process and running for the board.

Our staff has an even more diverse set of skills and expertise to offer. We have staff who has done research in ornithology, plant science, and climate change. We have decades of combined retail experience. Some of our staff are artists, yoga instructors, parents, students and even social workers. All of our staff shares a passion for good food, and how it is grown, prepared and produced. We are concerned about the larger issues facing future generations. We strive to offer customer service the is unparalleled in product knowledge and friendliness.

Download an Employee Application here

In addition to our board of directors and staff we also have a fantastic group of discount employees. These individuals donate a couple of hours a week to help around the store and in return receive a 20% discount on their in-store purchases. Their jobs vary depending on the time of day, skill, interest, and schedules. Some help in the Cheese and Bulk departments and some help with one-time projects. The openings are limited, but you are welcome to fill out an application and we will contact you as the positions become available.