Fort Collins Food Coop Community Rooted

Since 1972

The Food Coop has been committed to local since the early 1970's. What started as a way for individuals to have access to local, organic, healthy choices has grown today to a full service grocery store still striving to always provide the best options for it's community.

Anyone Can Shop

The Food Coop is your naturally local grocers' market. We are a grocery store for everyone, just a little more local love. Anyone is welcome to shop at the store. Everyone will find monthly savings around the shop. Members of the Coop simply receive additional savings, and benefits of being a part owner of the store.

Food Coop Store

The Fort Collins Food Co-operative grew out of a buying club started by CSU students and community members in the early 1970's. Some of the original members still shop here. Take George Siemon, for instance, the founder and CEO of Organic Valley. As a CSU student, he was a member of the buying club.

The Coop first opened west of old town on Mountain Avenue in 1974. Four years later we moved to our current location at 250 E. Mountain.