Fort Collins Food Coop Volunteers

Add Cooperative to your Resume

The Coop employees a few discount employees who volunteer their time in the store for credit towards their Coop purchases. Stocking shelves, ordering products, maintaining the website, to office work there are a range of ways to help around the Coop.

Working Your Way Up

Many of our full time to part time employees started as discount employees. It's a great way to get trained at the Coop and discover your niche. In the past we've had general managers who even started as discount employees.

Time to Cooperate

As a discount employee another benefit is we can work with you to find a time that meets your scheduling needs. From early mornings to closing shifts discount employees are helping day to night. Another nice benefit some find is there is a minimal weekly commitment, working around 2 hours a week.

Food Coop Employee

Our 'volunteer' system is set up a bit differently from most. In order for volunteers to be covered by workman's compensation insurance and to be fairly and adequately compensated for their time we put them on payroll at minimum wage. However, instead of receiving a paycheck, the money they earn in deposited into an account here at the coop.

Every time a volunteer, or discount employee as we call them, makes a purchase at the register they pay 80% of the price out of their pocket. The other 20% comes from the account in which their 'wages' are deposited.

To date, this is the fairest and most efficient system we have been able to develop for our volunteers. The money they have earned is deposited into their account at the beginning of each month. New discount employees work for a month before they have access to their discount which allows them to accrue some reserve and prevents them from overdrawing their 'discount'.